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AC Coil Cleaning in Elizabethtown, KY

AC units work hard in the summer weather we experience here in Elizabethtown and the rest of Kentucky.

Modern air conditioners and even those up to a decade older can typically withstand the weather to keep your space cool and comfortable. However, they must be in excellent shape, with all parts working efficiently.

AC coil cleaning is one facet of air conditioning system maintenance you can’t afford to ignore. If you’re looking for a contractor to depend on for AC coil cleaning in Elizabethtown, KY, Air Support Heating and Cooling is the top choice.

Our team of experienced technicians excels at keeping homeowners throughout the area comfortable through the summer months. Schedule a consultation with our team to schedule a service.

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Why You Need to Rid Your AC Coil of Dirt and Debris

Your air conditioner will not work without its evaporator and condenser coils. These components are responsible for transporting the refrigerant, which removes heat and humidity from your space.

When the coils aren’t in good shape, your air conditioning system will struggle to keep you cool in the hot weather. Dust covering the coils is a major issue because it increases air resistance around them.

As the resistance increases, your air conditioning unit must work harder to keep your home cool. This change in the air conditioner’s operation can have the following effects:

  • Rise in energy costs: Your air conditioner will need to run longer cycles to reach your desired temperatures. This translates to a significant bump in your energy bills.
  • Lower AC lifespan: Your air conditioner running longer to combat the impact of dirty coils can cause significant damage to other important components like the compressor. You’ll experience more frequent breakdowns over time and end up spending money on a replacement earlier than normal.
  • Poorer performance: Your air conditioner will not cool your home fast enough and may never reach the temperatures you’ve set on the thermostat if the coils are dirty.

Overall, cleaning your AC coils when necessary is wise if you want to protect your investment and enjoy complete comfort throughout the summer months.

Why Choose Air Support Heating and Cooling for Your AC Coil Cleaning in Elizabethtown, KY?

Your air conditioner is a delicate piece of equipment, so you need an HVAC services provider you can depend on for premium quality service when your AC coils need attention. That’s who we are here at Air Support Heating and Cooling.

Property owners in the region trust us for their AC coil cleaning in Elizabethtown, KY, for numerous reasons.

We Prioritize Healthy Relationship With Our Neighbors

Many people dread calling HVAC companies for maintenance work because they always tend to find something to charge higher fees for.  

At Air Support Heating and Cooling, transparency and honesty are our watchwords. We value our relationships with our neighbors, so we’ll never recommend solutions you don’t need in a bid to make profits. After cleaning the coils, we’ll inspect your unit and only recommend the most necessary repairs.

We Are the Best at What We Do

Our technicians are some of the most experienced hands in the industry. We know how to safely reach the coils and air filters in any model of air conditioning system on the market today. Most importantly, we’ll treat your property with respect throughout the project.

About Elizabethtown, KY

Elizabethtown is a city of over 30,000 residents in Hardin County, Kentucky. It’s popular for being a welcoming community for everyone, from young adults and families to new businesses looking to put down their roots in a vibrant community.

The city is also popular for being home to a number of attractions, including The Historic State Theater ComplexElizabethtown Nature ParkHeartland Golf Club, and Freeman Lake Park. The city is also popular for being the birthplace of Thomas Lincoln, father of President Abraham Lincoln.

The thriving business community, numerous outdoor recreation options, and rich cultural heritage all make Elizabethtown the perfect destination for both locals and tourists.

Choose the Best AC Coil Cleaning Company Near You

Ignoring dirty AC coils means playing with air conditioner breakdowns when you’re least in the mood for it. Why wait when our team at Air Support Heating and Cooling can complete the cleaning process in less than an hour?

Take advantage of our same-day service to ensure your air conditioner is in the perfect shape to get you through this summer and beyond.

Are you ready to get ahead of AC trouble? Call us at Air Support Heating and Cooling today at (502) 465-8217 for professional AC coil cleaning in Crestwood, KY.