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AC Coil Cleaning in Georgetown, KY

Summer in Georgetown, KY, is always warm and humid, so you need a fully functional air conditioning unit if you’re to stay cool and comfortable. If your air conditioner has dirty coils, it won’t work as well or as efficiently as you need it to.

AC coils play a crucial role in transferring heat away from your home. Dirt and debris covering them means that your air conditioner will have a tougher time cooling your home.

Turn to our experts at Air Support Heating and Cooling, the premier choice for AC coil cleaning in Georgetown, KY. You can trust our team to safely clean your air conditioning system and ensure it’s ready for the summer.

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The Importance of Scheduling Coil Cleaning

Georgetown, like the rest of Kentucky, is popular for its hot and humid summers. As such, you need an air conditioner that can keep up with the rising temperatures by keeping your home cool and comfortable.

The job of these systems becomes especially difficult when property owners ignore preventive maintenance services like AC coil cleaning.

When you don’t clean your evaporator coils, the volume of heat and humidity they can absorb reduces significantly. Similarly, if your condenser coils are dirty, the absorbed heat will stay longer than normal in the circuit.

A lack of routine AC coil cleaning in Georgetown, KY, can lead to numerous problems. Some of the downsides of ignoring AC coil cleaning include:

  • Inconsistent cooling performance
  • Higher utility bills
  • Inconsistent service
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Regular breakdowns
  • Significantly shorter equipment lifespan

We recommend moving quickly once you spot the first signs of a dirty AC coil to protect your air conditioner and prevent more expensive problems.

Top Signs You Should Clean Your AC Coils

The design of AC coils and their position in the unit makes them dirt magnets. Thus, you should regularly inspect them for signs of dirt accumulation. Too much dust and cobwebs around the unit are good indicators that you should call our experts.

However, if you don’t see the physical signs, you should watch for changes in your air conditioner’s performance. Some of the key signs to watch for include:

  • Warm air coming through the vents: If you can feel warm air coming from your vents more than five minutes after turning on the air conditioner, it’s time to call in a technician.
  • Hot spots around the home: A dirty air filter is usually the first suspicion when parts of your home feel warmer than others, but dirty coils may also be the problem.
  • Rising energy bills: AC units working harder than normal to reach the optimal temperature will run longer cycles, increasing your energy bills.

Why DIY AC Coil Cleaning Isn’t a Good Idea

Cleaning the coils in your air conditioner is a delicate job. Use the wrong cleaning agent, and you may end up causing corrosion. Similarly, it’s easy to break AC coil fins if you don’t apply the right level of pressure.

Our professional AC coil cleaning team can safely decouple the air conditioner, complete the cleaning process, and put everything back together without damaging anything. After we complete the process, you can contribute to keeping the coils clean by keeping the area around the outdoor and indoor units neat.

About Georgetown, KY

Georgetown is in Scott County, Kentucky, and home to more than 38,000 residents. The city is popular for its scenic environment, vibrant community, and rich heritage. It also has a thriving manufacturing sector, with notable brands like Toyota being the main employers of labor in the city.

Top attractions in Georgetown include the Kentucky Horse ParkYuko-En on the Elkhorn Friendship Garden, Bi-Water Farm & GreenhouseWard HallGeorgetown Scott County Museum, and Suffoletta Family Aquatic Center.

If you’re looking for a city that combines modern living and cultural heritage, Georgetown, KY, should be high on your list.

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Booking an AC coil cleaning session is unnecessary if you already have a regular AC maintenance schedule. However, if it’s been months or years since your last maintenance visit, a breakdown is always lurking nearby. Our team at Air Support Heating and Cooling can help keep your air conditioner running efficiently for longer with top-tier maintenance services. 

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