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AC Coil Cleaning in La Grange, KY

The summer months in La Grange, Kentucky, are bright and cheery but also warm and humid. Therefore, every resident needs a fully functional air conditioning system to enjoy complete comfort during these months.

HVAC technicians recommend a maintenance check in the weeks leading up to summer to ensure your air conditioner is up for the task ahead. No maintenance checklist is complete without the inclusion of HVAC coil cleaning since the coils play an important role in the heat transfer process.

At Air Support Heating and Cooling, we offer reliable AC coil cleaning in La Grange, KY. We always include evaporator coil maintenance and condenser coil cleaning on the checklist for air conditioner maintenance jobs. Residents also call us for one-off AC coil brushing and cleaning. Working with state-of-the-art equipment, our highly skilled technicians have helped numerous residents avoid air conditioning emergencies during the sweltering summer months.  

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Why You Need Clean AC Coils

Your air conditioner has two main coil types: the evaporator and the condenser coils. These coils play an important role in the cooling process because they carry the refrigerant through the system as it extracts heat and humidity from your home. The refrigerant won’t do that job effectively if there’s excessive dirt and debris covering the surface of the coils.

Here are some of the things you can expect to happen when the coils are dirty:

  • Higher Energy Costs: An air conditioner with dirty coils will run longer cycles and consume more energy to reach your desired indoor temperature. The result is higher energy bills. By calling the number one choice for AC coil cleaning in La Grange, KY, to wash the dirt and debris off your coils, you can make the heat transfer process more straightforward.
  • Reduction in Cooling Efficiency: When your coils are dirty, the heat exchange process will take longer than it should. Thus, you’ll find yourself sitting in a warm home for long periods before you start to feel the impact of the air conditioner. Even then, your indoor temperature may never quite fall to your desired levels.
  • Shorter Equipment Lifespan: As your air conditioner struggles through multiple days with dirty coils, other components may break down. While it’s easy to repair or change some of these components, others, like the compressor, may force you into buying a new air conditioner earlier than you should.

Is AC Coil Cleaning a DIY Job?

Cleaning your AC coils goes beyond picking some coil cleaner solutions off the shelf and turning on your gardening hose. It’s not a job for untrained hands since there’s the risk of damaging other components as you try to reach the evaporator or condenser coils. There’s also the risk of damaging the coil fins by exerting too much pressure during the cleaning process.

Therefore, it’s best to leave the job to experienced professionals like us here at Air Support Heating and Cooling. We’ll use the right coil cleaning agents for the type of dirt and debris on your coil. We’ll also inspect your conditioner to rule out other possible problems.

Why Choose Air Support Heating and Cooling for Your AC Coil Cleaning?

Homeowners and businesses in La Grange, KY, choose us when they need air conditioning system cleaning because we offer:

  • Honest service: We emphasize honesty and transparency in every service. We won’t recommend AC coil cleaning if yours is not dirty. We won’t recommend any AC repairs you don’t need.
  • Highly trained technicians: Our HVAC technicians are some of the most experienced names in the industry. We have the knowledge and expertise to clean the coils in any air conditioner system.

About La Grange, KY

La Grange, KY, is a picturesque town in Oldham County, home to around 10,000 residents. The city is popular for its authentic historic district and the main line train track that runs through Main Street.

It’s also home to numerous attractions, such as the Oldham County History CenterFRP LaGrange QuarryLa Grange Railroad Museum & Learning CenterLa Grange Springs Park, and more.

La Grange is a lovely city to shop, dine, explore, or settle down for individuals and families.

AC Coil Cleaning Service When You Need It

Entering the summer months with dirty evaporator and condenser coils is a recipe for highly uncomfortable days and nights.

Contact Air Support Heating and Cooling today at (502) 461-1608 for reliable AC coil cleaning in La Grange, KY. Let’s give you a worry-free summer.