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AC Coil Cleaning in Simpsonville, KY

The Importance of Cleaning Your Simpsonville Air Conditioner’s Coils and Other Maintenance Tasks

Last-minute air conditioner repair services can end up costing you much more time, stress, and money than necessary. Why not minimize that possibility by scheduling maintenance services that include tasks like minor repairs and AC coil cleaning in Simpsonville, KY? In particular, regular coil cleanings keep an AC system functioning more efficiently, which costs less to run and lasts longer.

One of the most frustrating experiences is coming home to a broken AC unit when you rely on these units for health, safety, and comfort. Our Simpsonville HVAC contractor understands that when something goes wrong with your heating and cooling system, you need a fix. 

Whether it’s your evaporator coil or another delicate component, we’re open to calls 24/7 in Simpsonville to handle these common problems and more:

  • Strange noises and smells: Banging or rattling sounds or burning, moldy, or “rotten egg” smells coming from your cooling unit need attention from our Simpsonville professionals.
  • Hot air blowing from the vents: If your air conditioner isn’t cooling, it could be a mechanical issue. However, first, our Simpsonville team will check your unit’s coils to look for dust and freezing issues, both of which stop the coils from properly cooling the air.
  • Leaks: If you notice puddles under your unit, the refrigerant could be leaking or causing condensation. Our professional will look at the air conditioning coils first to check for holes and top-up the coolant as needed.

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Tips To Help Your Simpsonville, Kentucky, Cooling System Last

Is your unit blowing hot air? Maybe your heat pump is cycling continuously but never quite reaching the thermostat setting. AC coil cleaning in Simpsonville, KY, could be the solution.

Coils free of dust, ice, and leaks work optimally. That’s why servicing your Simpsonville unit regularly and keeping the coils in tip-top shape can ensure the health of your entire air conditioning unit through the area’s warm and humid summers. 

You can also keep your system up and running for longer with the following tips:

  • Clear the outdoor unit of debris: Dust doesn’t only affect the coils’ performance—it clogs the airflow and hinders cooling efficiency around your outdoor unit.
  • Insulate your home: A well-insulated home will hold warm or cold air in for longer, making your units more efficient and relieving the strain on your unit’s coils.
  • Keep thermostat settings constant: One optimal setting lessens the stress on the unit and the coils, which keeps your utility bills lower. 

These tasks are all part of regular maintenance from Air Support Heating and Cooling, so let us take care of your AC coil cleaning, repairs, maintenance, installation, and everything else!

An HVAC Contractor You Can Trust for AC Coil Cleaning and More

In areas like Simpsonville, great indoor air quality is crucial. However, if the AC coils are dirty, the system won’t be efficiently moving air through your home or keeping contaminants out. No Kentucky family should be at risk of respiratory issues, headaches, or allergies, so efficient cooling systems are essential.

Don’t worry; our qualified HVAC professionals in Simpsonville have plenty of experience in coil cleaning, air quality solutions, and more. At Air Support Heating and Cooling, making sure your Simpsonville home is perfectly comfortable year-round is our top priority. 

About Simpsonville, Kentucky

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When You Need Your AC Coils Cleaned or Repaired, Call Simpsonville, KY’s Air Support Heating and Cooling!

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